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Scorer® is the process tool for today's healthcare providers. Medlytix, Inc. analytical team is our trusted and proven source for indentifying accounts strategically.

The Scorer® collection tool helps the Registration Representative in two ways: 

  1. Determine the best communication / collection approach to use with each patient they register
  2. Validate important information supplied by the patient/guarantor. 
In addition, the Scorer® provides significant help in determining the best approach to collect Self-Pay balances after insurance has paid or denied. 
Point of Registration 
The Registration Representative will have convenient real-time access to valuable demographic information on the patient being registered. They can review the information being presented and ask questions of comparison, make corrections, continue the registration and then with confidence, ask for payment or appropriately refer the patient for financial assistance. 
Having this information displayed while talking to the patient/guarantor instills collection confidence in the Representative. This significantly increases the accuracy of patient/guarantor demographics, which is important to the collection process for any balance not collected at time of service. 
Self-Pay or Self-Pay Balance After Insurance 
The Billing Representative reviews the account to see if the Scorer® was run. And, if not, runs it to help determine whether statements, letters, phone calls or outsourcing is the most cost efficient method of collection. 
Benefits to Healthcare Providers
  • Increased registration accuracy equals higher overall collections up front.
  • Increased employee confidence results in less resistance to asking for money.
  • Higher employee morale with the Scorer® - collecting money is directly related to a patient/guarantor's ability to pay.
  • Less employee follow-up time spent on non-productive accounts. 
  • Lower bad debt and potential increase in charity. 
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